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Building Futures One Success Story at a Time: Kaplan Reviews & Testimonials

Opening Doors to Better Careers and Brighter Futures

Kaplan's higher education instituations offer hard working, motivated men and women the opportunity to attain the skills and knowledge they need to enter into promising careers and make better lives for themselves and their families. Our academic programs are designed with input from and taught by working practitioners, to ensure students get the practical as well as theoretical knowledge they need for employment in today’s workplace. Also, these programs are flexibly formatted—offered in the evenings, on weekends, online, in person, or both—because our students are often older and juggling the competing demands of work, study, and family.

Kaplan's higher education institutions serve approximately 65,000 students, more than many of America’s largest public universities, and have graduated more than 300,000 students in the past decade.

Personal stories of achievement by Kaplan's higher education students and graduates

Kaplan’s positive outcomes are measured one student success story at a time. Here is just a sampling of the hundreds of thousands of students whose Kaplan education has helped them advance their careers and better their futures, and of whom we are so proud.

A life-changing event prompted Alabama police officer Sedric Clark to pursue a degree in Criminal Justice, putting him on track for promotions in his department.

Ohio nurse Debra Eppley earned her B.S. in Nursing, which earned her a promotion to head nurse of her OB/GYN unit.

With the recent downturn, Florida realtor Carol Platt set her sights on a new career path, earned her degree in business, and gained a position as a governmental affairs director.


After three decades out of school, a work-related injury prompted Charles Bolling to renew a career in medicine—a career he first began years ago as an Air Force medical specialist.   

Single-mom Celeste Vazquez wanted to make a better future for her daughter and enrolled at Kaplan College, whose externship program helped her secure a medical assistant's position after graduation. 

After years of juggling multiple jobs to make ends meet, Chicagoan Maricela Hernandez overcame her fears, returned school, and began a promising new business career. 

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