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Kaplan's higher education institutions broaden access to postsecondary educational opportunities, focusing largely on traditionally underserved individuals. Through online and campus-based programs, Kaplan strives to prepare students for careers in some of the fastest-growing industries.


With nearly 3,000 private-sector, postsecondary institutions serving upwards of 3.2 million students across the United States, more Americans now have the opportunity to train for high-demand career fields that will help the United States regain its competitive advantage in a global economy.

Private-sector institutions are taking on a greater role in educating the nation’s workforce, as the demand for well-trained workers has increased in rapidly growing fields across the country. These institutions serve largely adult learners who seek an alternative to traditional four-year universities. Adult learners are the new face of higher education. Most students in higher education no longer fit the traditional mold. Only 16 percent of national higher education enrollments are 18- to 22-year-old full-time undergraduates residing on a campus...

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